Worklog The "Blair Witch Mod"

Has a computer to look like one ?

It was a cold and rainy november night in 2003 where I 

saw my wife walking downstairs, dressed to go out.

And this was the second where I thought that she

should be not only human.

So why not a case with such a body ?

how to make it ? first of all you will need a plaster impression

made with gypsum

pic 1 - a plaster impression of the body you want to form out - the most funny part but really difficult

It´s necessary to follow some instructions very very careful... this plaster impression is the base of your future forms and if you didn´t work fine enough your body will lose the marking details. In fact, its a hard thing to copy piercings (like my wife has one in her belly) and so I left this part completely out of the plastic. You have many ways to get a form like this, its also possible (for a higher detail) that you use latex before you bring the gypsum as a static construction over the body. But remember that latex is very flexible and its hard to find out how to get the best result for a "big area" like a whole plastik from a body. The detail of a normal "medical gypsum" is for our use more than high enough... not necessary to use more materials that will complicate the procedure.

pic 2 - the carbon fleece and carbon plastics in the plaster impression

please be careful - smells horrible and you need air circulation !

pic 3 - 15 mins later ... get it out of the form

pic 4 - yes, it MUST be out of it... and your impression is lost...

pic 5 - result: I am impressed. Not bad for the first time !

pic 6 - now the hard part : clean and proper surface... (about 50 hours...)

pic 7 - colored and YES, I know the belly is missing... didn´t you read all above ?

pic 8 - this is the hardware and the watercooling components for the case

pic 9 - this is a really funny experience with medical plastic used to form teeth

pic 10 - make a round form, mix the thing in 30 secs and put your hand in.

Two minutes later get your hand out and fill it with gypsum...

pic 11 - first handmade hand ;o) wow, I´m impressed again !

pic 12 - the other hand... much better than the first one

pic 13 - one view from there.....

pic 14 - ... and one from here....

pic 15 - and the most important question : Will it fit ? Answer : YES !

pic 16 - thats how it looks in the right position (one week later)

pic 17 - and this hand here too....

pic 18 - only cause its soooo great !

pic 19 - the bwp also needs arms.... *hmmm* Watercooled, of course.

And lighted... of course ;o)

pic 20 - Special construction for the arms ... water in and out

pic 21 - Is it really waterproofed and sealed ?

pic 22 - yes it is ... sealed and ready for build-in

pic 23 - the torso at its place...

pic 24 - first view to the whole BWP

pic 25 - and from another view....

pic 26 - thats how the arms look like when the BWP is working

pic 27 - and thats once again another view ...

pic 28 - still not ready but looks nice..

pic 29 - Blair Witch is coming .....

pic 30 - very special photo taken by my friend Dino - The BWP in the dawn...

The Blair Witch Project mod is still not ready but I am lost in time

and the face of the witch needs a lot of it...

to be continued...