Worklog AquaSphere

Aqua and Sphere.

A name and an imagination.

Welcome to the first robotic acting pc-case

Not really AI - but are you sure .... ? ;o)

The AquaSphere Project cooling and light parts were sponsored by

See the AquaSphere working : VIDEO 4,5 MB 


pic 1 - the first parts ... needed for the robotic interface

The AquaSphere Project has two very difficult construction problems : 

First, the robot. This robot should be able

to control the whole mechanical construction and in second place,

it should be easy to program, to handle and to modify.

pic 2 - the robot - called "AquaBot". It runs on two rails, powered by an eletric engine in the carbon hull.

pic 3 - on the right side: the copper contacts. power runs trough the carbon canon to the copper

pic 4 - the front of the AquaSphere - not mounted but reasy to slide in the axial bearings...

pic 5 - Mounted Watersafe front with axial bearings and the sliding construction

pic 6 - WORKS ! Slides like a hot knife through butter.....

pic 7 - Even the backsliding works .... thank god that this part is done

pic 8 - Believe it or not : the little plate is the motherboard.... mounted in my own standard : ctx

pic 9 - gear rack, gear wheel, engine and ball joint mounted

pic 10 - axial bearing at the left side and the robotic construction

pic 11 - the engines and gear racks for the bi-directional sliding

pic 12 - first test of a sliding door .... wasn´t stable enough so we had to find another solution.

pic 13 - the backside casing (inner side) with the aqua-computer noisekillers mounted.

pic 14 - the second door construction. works & looks fine....

pic 15 - .... another view......

pic 16 - and with the backside casing .... thats how it should looks like....

pic 17 - weeks and weeks have gone.. 50 m sleeving material - every cable was sleeved - never again !

pic 18 - but "wow"..... what a first test. nice to see that it was worth all the pain

pic 19 - another blubb in the tube.... the testing ....

pic 20 - and the mounted tubes....

pic 21 - the mounted carbon front. the carbon is 1,5 mm thick.

pic 22 - and the pulsar starts this work - connected to the hdds its a nice feature!

pic 23 - speechless - the first view with mounted and waterfilles tubes ! IT WORKS ! 

pic 24 - you cant imagine how happy I was to see that everything was sealed right - no water !

pic 25 - my wifes 2nd sentence (after 3 hours) "YES, it looks great !" 

pic 26 - the tubes in the case

pic 27 - does this really need a description ? ok, its the AquaSphere at night *g*

pic 28 - and another view.....

pic 29 - and another view....

pic 30 - and the backside. at night. was surprised how cool it looks

pic 31 - to show you the effect of the "watersafe" function

pic 32 - no way to get a cd in the rack *g*

pic 33 - but.... wait. looks like the AS will let me in....

pic 34 - yessssss come in !

pic 35 - keep attention to your fingers - it bites !

pic 36 - game over - slided in their home.....

pic 37 - and closed doors....

pic 38 - did I ever mentioned the integrated fog machine ? *g*

pic 39 - the first pc where fog is a good sign - the sign that it works !

pic 40 - the heart of cooling. my cuplex pro from aqua-computer

pic 41 - and here together with one of two aquastreams - a 12V pump solution made by aqua-computer

pic 42 - Freddy Krueger was here or is it a rocket launcher ?

pic 43 - open doors and backside

pic 44 - ready to fire

pic 45 - me and the aquasphere..... (I am 1,83m tall) *g* not that someone thinks

I am a smurf or something else .... *g*

to be continued...